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Visiting Santa will NEVER be the Same Again!

Visiting Santa is always a magical time for children.  Larger than life, his is the link to all that is hopeful, fun, and with a spotlight shining on innocent dreams.  But what happens when you find a Santa who actually DOES seem to really know you?!!?

OUR Santa KNOWS!  He KNOWS if you’ve been naughty or nice.
He KNOWS what you need to work on.  He KNOWS what you got for Christmas last year.
He’ll even call you BY NAME when it’s your turn to visit!

How does Santa know all of this?  Well, Santa has a great network of Elves to help him with his “Naughty and Nice” list.  By tapping into the knowledge of his Elves, he can offer your child amazingly accurate information in a fun and mind-boggling way.

Your children will no doubt believe that THIS Santa is the Real Deal!  And you will too!


We have two REAL BEARDED Santa’s ready to visit you and yours.  All of our Santa’s have been background checked and hold fingerprint ID cards.